Tbilisi International Ophthalmology Conference
TIOC  20/20

December  19 - 20,  2020

Dear Colleagues   We have the honor to invite you for participation in Tbilisi International...

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zaza khotenashvili  merab dvali    მიხეილ ომიაძე/Mikheil Omiadze    გიორგი პეტრიაშვილი/George Petriashvili

თამარ ქარდავა/Tamar Kardava        გრიგოლ ქამუშაძე/Grigor Kamushadze

lana datuashvili



Tbilisi International Ophthalmology Conference (TIOC)

A long vacuity has been created in Georgian ophthalmology in terms of scientific and practical conferences since the 90ies of the past century. This reality encouraged us to start a circle of conferences to give the opportunity to the Georgian ophthalmologists to get acquainted with the scientific achievements and novelties of the modern ophthalmology.

First conference started successfully in 2010 when the first meeting was held in the Merab Berdzenishvili art center “Muza” under the auspices of the Tbilisi International Conference. 

The conference was met with huge positive resonance in Georgia as well as outside Georgia. Since then the number of the countries participating in these conferences, delegates and interested companies has been widening year by year. At present Tbilisi International Conference is well known among the ophthalmological society of many countries.

The purpose of the Tbilisi International Conference is to be interesting and to benefit the practitioner ophthalmologists.